Odyssey: Game Design and Competition

04 Apr 2020

Update: 19 Maret 2020

Even ditunda untuk sementara berkaitan dengan Self Distance Covid-19. Nantikan informasi selanjutnya di sini.


Creative economic from the film, video, photography, and interactive game sector has been one of devisa contributors, as well as helping people in finding job. However, this sectors are still having a difficulty growing in terms of quality and quantity due to the lack of competent human workforces that able to meet the industry demand. This is caused by the lack of understanding of the job of the creative industry from the educational institute and society.

This fact demands International Digital Media - Education Program of the Visual Communication Design as an Educational Institute that have a main role in the making of competent and responsible human workforces in order to increase the level of knowledge and understanding of the Creative Industry.

One way of achieving this responsibility is through creating a potential sosialization in creative industry (Film, Video, Photography, and Interactive game) event, which is held in the form of competition, talkshow, and art showcase by the University student, with the main target audience being the high school and equivalent student at Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Malang.

This event is a environment and character design competition, along with talkshow about the future jobs in animation and game design. This event can hopefully be the youth creative battlefield for ideas especially the high school students, in which they can compete to express their idea through design.

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